Office Space in HSR Layout

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to work from an office which is equipped with all the amenities and services that he cannot avail working from his apartment or a garage and the last thing an entrepreneur wants to spend his money on, is by paying for a coffee over a meeting, to overcome all these extra expenses every company (big or small) wants to move into the office space.

Bangalore houses a plethora of office spaces across all the prime locations. HSR layout is one of the crowd-pulling places that has been successful in attracting a lot of companies. One can find office space in HSR layout of different formats like shared office space, business centres, etc.

Important Factors to be Considered While Selecting an Office Space Location

Before going ahead and choosing an office space there are a couple of things that one needs to take care of in order to reap the maximum benefit of office space.

Leased Office or a Coworking Space:

The first and foremost thing is to understand your requirement. if you are just starting out and looking for a space to start with your venture then going for a coworking space is recommended as the cost involved is less and there is good scope for networking but if you are an established organization and are scouting for an office space then setting up an office space is viable solution assuming budget is not a constraint.


When working in metropolitan cities, the biggest challenge for every employee is the traffic which he/she is bound to encounter on a daily basis so selecting an office space which has good connectivity to other parts of the city via public transport will be beneficial for your employees as he/she doesn’t have to change multiple buses to reach home and vice versa which can save a lot of time, like our office space in HSR layout has good connectivity to different parts of Bangalore.

Food Places:

In a quest of finding an office space which suits your budget and location, one should not forget about the other basic thing for life and that is the easy availability of good quality food which keeps your employees healthy and devoid of travelling far distance for food.


The price of an office space differs from location to location, amenities, and most importantly the kind of office space you opt for i.e. shared office space, business center, etc. these factors play a major part in deciding the overall cost of office space. So one should do a detailed analysis of the suitable area and the types of amenities that are essential for the company and then sign the contract.

Competition in the Surrounding:

Competition around your office plays an important role and it can be both boon and curse depending on the situation. The advantage is your competitor’s clients will be aware of your brand and the disadvantage is if your competitor is an established company in your industry then he might end up getting maximum potential clients.

About HSR Layout:

HSR layout is considered to be one of the prime locations in Bangalore which is very much suitable for starting your venture or if you want to shift your current office to this location. Given the fact that it has some amazing food and party places, it has been successful in drawing the crowd from different parts of the city. Such places play an important role for the companies to prefer HSR layout. This area houses different types of office space formats i.e. shared office space and business centers and is well facilitated with all forms of commuting like the cab, auto, and bus, the connectivity from this place to all the well-known destinations across Bangalore is available. In addition to that, HSR layout can also be seen housing a lot of start-ups.

Office Space in HSR Layout – How It Helps in Growing the Business?

Choosing HSR layout as your office space location can actually be a boon as it attracts a lot of crowds and is filled with a bunch of good food places that will keep your employees healthy. HSR layout is also equipped with a good frequency of public transports like BMTC bus to other parts of the city and you can also find a lot of cabs and autos here.

Since there are already companies that are established in this area this gives you an amazing opportunity of interacting with like-minded people and increase your network.

Why Choose Novel Office for Office Space in the HSR Layout?

If you are looking for office space in HSR layout, then Novel Office is the best option in the market as all the policies are designed keeping the clients and their benefit in mind, for example, we provide no lock-in and no deposit which reduces the pressure on the companies, we provide 100% customization absolutely free which also reduces the burden of burning money in designing an office space which suits you and most of all we have housed some of the promising start-ups and reputed MNC’s in our centres which gives you an amazing opportunity to interact, exchange ideas and grow your network.

Novel Office is the one-stop solution for the office space in the HSR layout and we strive towards providing them with the best service available. So don’t roam anywhere for office space just drop by our office for a visit and have a glance.

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