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    What Is Shared Office Space And Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

    The landscape of the workplace is ever-evolving, which compels businesses to modify their office space from time to time. Especially when it comes to shared office space in Bangalore, change is the next best thing you can introduce. While there is a lot of confusion constituting a shared office or workspace, it is just a place where many people work at one point of the time.

    It is also a place, or an area, where multiple people work at various times. Not to forget, a shared office place is a workspace where different companies have their offices and employees work beside each other.

    Shared Workspace & Collaborative Workspace

    Let’s bust one of the biggest myths about shared workspace here – it is not the same workspace that many people share at once. That’s a different concept called the collaborative workspace. It is typically important to understand the difference between shared and collaborative workspaces for a bigger picture:

    • While a shared office is shared by many employees at different times, the workplace remains static whereas occupants are all dynamic
    • Many people or offices choose a collaborative workspace at once to work together

    A shared workspace has one occupant using designated office space for a specific period. When the time is over, the same workspace is given to some other occupant, rather than leaving it idle.

    The rising trend of coworking and shared offices led to a lot of confusion. While these two terms can be interchangeably used, they have different meanings. There are many pros and cons of shared office space too. While the benefits of shared office space give an edge to the concept, few disadvantages should be noted too.

    Advantages of Shared Office Space

    Cost Savings

    Shared office space on rent offers a lot of cost benefits to businesses. When an office is sub-leased, it reduces the rent.

    Next, shared office spaces are well furnished, including furnishing and utility costs. Some rental agreements also contain maintenance costs. Hence, rent isn’t the sole cost of the space you lease.

    When you share an office, you would be sharing utility bills, cleaning/maintenance costs, and association dues. These are all monthly expenses, just like rent, but you would be sharing this burden.

    Likewise, you would share the utility bills depending on your usage. If your business organization needs more water and electricity then it may affect your costs. Shared offices also share their internet connectivity.

    Shared offices can share their lobby and waiting area to cut costs too.

    Helps Boost Productivity

    When you are coworking, employees have the liberty to work when they want, at their own time, in a chosen way. As a result, it unlocks their full productivity potential. Ensure that you set clear goals and standards, thus leaving their path open for interpretation. If the team comprises of remote workers, it would help them gravitate to the coworking space as that one place where they can focus and work.

    Better Amenities

    Comfort is the key to coworking, and it means physically as well as cognitively. A well-furnished workspace with an extraordinary ambiance puts employees at ease. Besides, lack of politics and compelled participation keeps them more relaxed and focused at work. Coworking and shared offices deliver much-needed peace of mind.

    Networking Facilities

    Shared office spaces have brilliant networking facilities, which makes it easier for people to work. Businesses depend on partnerships and shared offices offer that exposure to proficiency from different fields of work. People of different companies can share their skills, business opportunities, and resources. It is not just a benefit for employees but their business affiliations too.

    Disadvantages of Shared Office Space

    Unavailability of Shared Amenities

    In a shared working space, not all facilities may be available to people at once. It often leads to more confusion and heartburn. However, such situations can be handled with ease. For instance, the shared lobby may not be available to visitors of all the offices on the same floor. Such things, of course, do not happen every day.

    Privacy Issues

    Confidentiality may be at stake when you have a shared office space wherein you are not only sharing the space but also the network and other things. The data breach is a very common problem in such a setting.


    Shared office pros and cons are very common in all parts of the world. If you are looking for shared office space for rent in Bangalore, make sure to verify these important points based on the pros and cons. These are crucial factors that determine the value of shared offices and also contribute to productivity.

    Contact our team to find well-furnished and equipped shared office workspaces in the heart of Bangalore city

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