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    What is a Plug & Play Office?

    Finding an appropriate office space is often a challenge for established as well as new ventures. While the considerations for space, size, location and services are decisive factors for choosing an office, the traditional concept of office space has undergone massive changes. The plug and play office concept continues to be popular in India.

    A plug and play office space in Bangalore provides a flexible option to set up a fully equipped office in quick time. Various business centres are dividing large offices into smaller spaces and providing fully furnished office spaces where businesses can start operations immediately. These are equipped with workstations, executive cabins, conference rooms, high-speed internet connectivity, receptions, lobbies and other amenities required for a fully functional office.

    Who needs a Plug & Play Office?

    Every company has different business needs. However, the need to expand or set up something new never ceases. Therefore, whether you are running on a tight budget and looking to downsize the firm or thinking about getting a new office, a plug and play office space is an ideal option. It is particularly useful for small businesses that do not have a lot of funds for initial investments on an office space.

    There are plenty of plug and play office spaces for rent in Bangalore. Depending on individual requirements, it can be leased on favourable terms. Entrepreneurs can make use of these ready-to-move offices due to the easy lease terms, the affordability it offers and the kinds of services it delivers.

    Features of Plug and Play Office Spaces

    A plug and play office space in Bangalore can help to launch your business without any issues. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

    Prime Location: Plug and play offices are generally located in central business districts. This gives your business a credible address that helps to create an impression among clients. Besides, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the city and supports simpler business correspondence.

    Fully Furnished: The workspace comes with all necessary equipment and services.

    Office infrastructure: From chairs, tables to workstations, computers and internet connectivity – these offices are fully equipped to meet the needs of modern businesses. Its sophisticated office infrastructure completely takes away the hassle of setting up varied services.

    Access to Common Areas: The reception, lobby and conference rooms can be accessed by all lease holders. The business centres may also have cafes, canteens, retail centres or ATMs within its vicinity. Some are also equipped with fitness centres, play rooms, gyms etc.

    Flexible Spaces: Businesses can choose the amount of space they need. In this concept, businesses are given the flexibility to pay for the number of services utilised by them. It also accommodates flexible rental agreements, making it easier to move out or expand the business.

    What are the Advantages?

    The numerous advantages offered by plug and play offices make them extremely appealing for start-ups. Here are some of the advantages of a plug and play office.

    • Low initial investments
    • Fully equipped and furnished offices
    • Electricity, internet and HVAC included in rent
    • Flexibility to choose what you need
    • Free parking spaces
    • Janitorial and maintenance services
    • Access to business machinery
    • Availability of all types of rooms or workstations
    • Accessible any time of the day

    Why it is ideal to work from a plug & play office in Bangalore?

    A plug and play office space acts as a coworking space in Bangalore. People from different backgrounds and varied interests work under the same roof. This gives the opportunity to strengthen networks, share skills and knowledge and opt for expert services. Besides, the business centres have all necessary facilities within its premises. It saves business owners the hassle of finding different types of services. It also provides support for IT systems at extremely reasonable rates.

    The future of plug & play offices

    With rapid transformation in the work culture, the need for smart offices continues to rise. The demand for futuristic shared offices is therefore, going up. Taking into consideration its numerous benefits, smaller as well as larger businesses are expected to make the most of these offices.

    To rent shared working space, consult experienced agents. They are likely to find a space that is most appropriate for your business and will take care of unique needs.

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