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    Top 7 Tips for a healthy work environment

    Arguably the most important aspect of having employees of any organization engaged or motivated at work is by having a healthy work environment. But achieving the same isn’t as easy as it sounds. How can one ensure that the work environment is ideal for employees to be productive, motivated and encouraged? In a typical 9 to 5 workday, it’s easy to lose focus, to get stuck in a rut, or to struggle with finding any inspiration. 

    We have a list of proven factors that will definitely help you build a healthy work environment at your workplace.

    1.Build trust

    According to 90% of workers, honesty, trust, and fairness are considered the most important factors valued in the workplace. But, how exactly can you establish trust in the workplace? You can always build trust among employees by taking responsibility for any mistakes you’ve inadvertently made, prioritizing on doing the things you’ve been given responsibility for, don’t leave a mess for someone else to take care of, communicate with your employees as much as you can or you can even simply start every meeting by taking the first 5 minutes to discuss any personal/professional agendas or milestones that your employees might have achieved.  In addition, try to practice the following and you will see notable changes in your work environment.

    • Start talking about inconveniences at work.
    • Move away from the philosophy of blaming. 
    • Get your team to interact with each other. 
    • Mistakes from even the company should be acknowledged and accepted.
    • Be honest.

    2.Encourage open communication

    According to Paul J. Meyer, “Communication is the key to personal and career success”. In fact, communication is the key to the success of any organization. A well-defined communication channel enables an organization and its employees to function with minimal errors and as per the expectations of the company. Clearly set boundaries and guidelines are to be clearly communicated to employees so there are no misunderstandings. Moreover, open communication helps you understand your employees better.

    Here are some ground rules that might help you in enabling open communication within your workspace, as it can help you understand what your employees expect from the organization. 

    Rule 1: People won’t tell you the whole truth until they feel connected to you.

    Rule 2: Ask easy questions first. Make things comfortable. 

    Rule 3: People communicate with stories. Listen. 

    Rule 4: Be empathetic and follow emotional cues to problems.

    Rule 5: Never make assumptions. Clarify. 

    Remember, it’s a 2-way process

    3.Create a comforatble workspace 

    Employees spend the majority of their time within the workspace that they are allotted. Ideally, it becomes an extension of their home. A workspace requires a clean and comfortable atmosphere as it has a tremendous effect on an employee’s interaction with their surroundings. A well-lit workspace, some plants, organized desks, comfortable furniture, etc. are some of the essentials that create a positive vibe and destress the tense moods of a workspace. 

    In addition, every employee would also love to have their own individual space with all the necessities that facilitate their work. Concurrently, they should still be able to reach out to the people around them and get their issues sorted out. A well-organized workspace assists with the same. 

    4.Promote work-life balance

    Work-life Balance involves juggling the stress and worries of workspace along with pressures from family and friends. The more control an employee has over his life, the better his approach is towards his work and personal life. An alternative to promote a healthy workspace is to introduce the concept of work-life balance within your workspace. There are multiple ways to achieve it. It can be as simple as having one day set aside as ‘Work from home’ or having an office gym or even just installing a coffee machine at your workspace. All these minimal add-ons would gradually end up having a positive impact on the employees. 

    Employees are likely to have responsibilities and obligations outside work as well. So the more you help them balance the lot, the more productive they eventually become. 

    5.Empower team members

    To have employees that are empowered by themselves is something that every company must strive for. Employees willing to take a step towards growth not only focus on self-growth but also prioritize the growth of the company that they work for. If one has to empower their employees, one must also

    • Reward self-improvement
    • Appreciate the efforts
    • Hold them accountable
    • Encourage failure
    • Define a path towards growth
    • Have a safe zone for failures, without causing a loss for the company

    6.Encourage Healthy Conflict

    This may seem like a counterproductive approach, but it’s always good to encourage some healthy conflict in your workspace. Ideas tend to be spontaneous and unscripted and having an engaging topic to discuss can be a great way to make sure you and your team feel connected. 

    7.Make your space 

    Invest in the right things for your office space. Don’t just go around getting bean bags or ping-pong tables or gaming equipment just because you find them at other workstations or offices, ensure that you invest in things that can actually make some difference in regards to your team’s health. Standing desks, green plants are some investments that promote a healthy lifestyle within your workspace. Alternatively, you can also have an office gym set up within or close by your office space. 

    According to a study by Forbes, 93% of employees in the tech industry alone said they would stay longer at a company who would offer healthier workplace benefits, with options ranging from wellness rooms, company fitness benefits, sit-stands, healthy lunch options, and ergonomic seating”


    A healthy workspace doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated affair. Creating a healthy work environment is more than just providing a workstyle  & work-life balance for your employees. Organizations tend to find success when they consider taking care of their customers as well as their employees. It’s not just about providing comfort & luxury, it’s more about creating an environment where your employees perform out of their comfort zone without realizing it. 

    An Environment consisting of the above-mentioned attributes ideally should encourage a healthy workspace – add the element of open communication and personal touch to the mix, and you have a recipe for a healthy workspace. 

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