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    Top 5 Reasons For Opting Novel Office

    Coworking spaces have gained popularity amongst start-ups as well as multinational companies across different cities in India. Bangalore which houses a plethora of companies ranging from start-ups, MSME’s and multinational companies across various industries has also witnessed the rise in the popularity of coworking spaces. Factors like the young crowd, supportive government policies, investors are some of the factors for the rapid growth of the start-ups.

    Bangalore has seen a huge rise in the competition for coworking space, office space, and business centers, let us discuss why you should go for Novel Office and how is it different from other office space providers.

    No Deposit and No Lock-in

    Most of the start-ups which enthusiastically initiate their journey fall out of the competition within a year due to various problems like unable to pay salaries to their employees, failing to find investors, and etc. In situations like these, any start-up would want to reduce the burden as much as possible in order to concentrate completely on the business. Especially in today’s time when the whole world has been attacked by an intangible virus and caused a deep dent in the world economy, it has enlightened companies with the fact that there are threats beyond our control which only means that taking charge of the circumstance that is in your control is a need of an hour.

    One such situation is avoiding long term deposit and long term lock-in period. This not only reduces the burden of investing huge capital as a deposit on companies but also gives them the freedom to upsize and downsize their employees as and when the situation demands.

    In order to help companies of all sizes, Novel Office has an exclusive feature of no deposit and no lock-in, where our clients can stay as long as they want and even upsize and downsize based on the company’s performance.

    Networking Opportunity

    “The vast your network is, the wealthier you are” fits accurately in terms of corporate. Companies big or small look forward to any opportunity which will benefit them. Attending and arranging events is the major source to build a network which also increases the chance of finding a new lead.

    Novel Office houses a plethora of companies ranging from start-ups to MNC’s, becoming a client of Novel Office will ensure you that,you will get a chance to interact with some amazing start-ups as well as big companies, which will give you the sense of being a part of a huge start-up ecosystem. While you interact and increase your network it also increases the chance of finding a new prospect. Apart from getting the leads, the other benefit is that through the regular interactions you will exchange ideas and enhance your creative aspect. This healthy interaction will help you see the problem from a different perspective.

    Top 5 Reasons For Opting Novel Office

    24*7 Operation

    In order to support our clients in all ways possible, we operate 24 hours a day for all 7 days a week and the same applies to all the 52 weeks of the year. One of the major advantages of opting for Novel Office is that you get a chance to avail all of our services from amenities to cafeteria 24*7.

    Due to the increase in the number of freelancers and the employees working from remote locations whose working hours are flexible, we have come up with an amazing solution for them. We provide daily, weekly and monthly passes where our clients get to access all of our amenities for 8 hours, 6 days, and 28 days respectively. These services are designed to remove the burden of long term lock-in and deposit so that clients can work with a free mind.

    Free Customization

    Companies across different industries will have different products, services, missions, and visions, similarly, every company will also have their own set of requirements when it comes to designing the office space. For example, if it is a call center based company they probably will not give much importance to the creative aspects in the office space whereas if it is an advertising agency or a company form media and entertainment then they would want to customize their office space giving creativity the first priority.

    Not many office space providers help you in customizing the space according to your needs and even if they do, they charge a hefty amount in getting it done. This is where Novel Office is the best solution, as we do not charge a single penny for customizing the office space according to your needs.

    We have housed numerous companies from a variety of industries who have their own set of office space requirements and we have been successfully helping them in customizing the office space with no extra charges.

    Prime Locations

    Apart from networking and cost of the office space, if there is one parameter on which the success of your start-up depends, is the location from which you are operating. Companies who compromise with the location giving it the least importance will reap minimum benefits compared to the ones who are operating from the prime location.

    In Bangalore, the best areas to start your business or shift the location of your existing business are MG Road, Koramangala, Electronic City, and Marathahalli. All of these areas are rich in population and houses a plethora of other companies. The good news is that Novel Office is present in all the above prime locations.

    Some of the major benefits of working from these prime locations are that they have easy connectivity to public transport (BMTC, BMRCL), they also have some amazing food places, and of course a great chance to meet like-minded people as you will be surrounded by them.

    to know more about different services of Novel Office.

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