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    Top 10 Shared Office Space Etiquette Rules

    Imagine that you are working at your office, and suddenly the person sitting next to you turns on his phone, connecting it to a speaker and playing music loudly. When you ask him to dial it down, he counters by saying that music helps him concentrate and goes back to work, bobbing his head to the music.

    Would you like to be the one getting disturbed? Do you want to be the one who played music?

    I’m sure you answered no to both of these questions. Why? Because it’s not right!

    Etiquette, by definition, is the customary code of polite behaviour in any setting. In other words, it is the protocol one must follow that is acceptable by all. So, be it at home, school, market, or an office, each situation has its own set of the protocol – its own set of rules that one must follow.

    Now, shared working spaces are a recent phenomenon in India, especially in the formal setting. So, here, we bring to you some of the must-have guidelines regarding proper behaviour in a shared office space, especially considering that most of us will be going back to offices after a long time and follow the social distancing protocol as well.

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    1.Add extra time for tasks

    In a shared office space, it may be the case that you share a few resources like the printer with the other people in your office. So, when you need to use the printer, it may be already being used by someone else. So, you may have to wait for your turn.

    It is thus advised to keep buffer time for any task that you may perform in an office space. This will make your work more efficient and will avoid crowding in certain areas, which may later cause disturbances in the office environment.

    2.Always use your elbow

    Since everyone these days is trying to stay away from each other, we should try to make others feel comfortable. We would want others to be considerate towards ourselves, so we should do the same.

    With the same sentiment, it must be kept in mind that whenever you sneeze or cough, use a handkerchief or do it in your elbow. You wouldn’t want to get infected on your first day back to work, now, would you?

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    3.Sanitize your workspace

    One way to make a workable workstation is to keep it clean. If everything is in its place, you’ll save time and effort, as well as avoid possible frustration from having lost an important document.

    Along with having a clean workspace, we would advise you to sanitize the desk or any other surface that you use to maintain hygiene and stay healthy.

    4.Maintain personal bubble

    Keeping the possibility of getting infected with the COVID-19 virus, it is healthy that you remain in your own space and maintain about 6 feet distance from others at your office – for your health, as well as others health.

    5.Stay home if unwell

    It is better to be safe than sorry. When sick, it may not be enough to just maintain distance. For your own benefit, stay at home, take a rest and return, only when you feel better.

    Now, if you come to the office sick, others may not feel safe around you, causing you more distress than what your ailment may cause. So, rest at home, and return all better.

    6.No meetings at your desk

    Offices often have dedicated areas for meeting with clients. It is expected you use only those areas for the same. When you bring clients to your desk, it will show a lack of professionalism, which will reflect poorly on your organization. Also, it may disturb your colleagues, who have desks adjacent to or around yours.

    So, meet with clients only in the meeting room.

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    7.Take phone calls elsewhere

    Just as in the above example of your colleague playing loud music, phone calls may prove to be equally disturbing. You may not get good signal in your work area, so you may have to be loud, which will distract others around you.

    It is advised that you take your phone calls away from the place where people are working.

    8.Don’t isolate yourself

    An office is a place where you work together with a team of competent people to achieve a shared goal. Isolating yourself will not work. You’ll have to communicate with others around you, network with them.

    Ask how you can help them, or ask for help from them if needed. Remember that you all share the same goal, so helping each other out will only make the work more fun and finish faster.

    So, don’t just enter the office and power walk towards your workstation. A simple ‘Hi’ would do, too.

    9.Hoard your supplies

    Simple items such as papers, pens, etc., are always available in your office. However, there may be instances where you may need it and can’t find it. Borrowing in such uncertain conditions of the pandemic is not that a great idea so you should have your own items, rather than having to borrow.

    10.Be kind and patient

    In an office, you are all a team. You use the same space, the same resources, the same kind of work, etc. So, be patient and kind to others.

    Being kind never hurts but always pays. Remain polite, and follow the proper etiquette, to have a happy experience at your shared office space.



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