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    The Journey of Work From Home Excitement

    The Journey of Work From Home Excitement


    The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the entire dynamics of the world and one of the most affected ones are the corporate companies. Employees have started working from home for the past 10 months breaking the stereotype of working from the office. So, in this blog, let us discuss some of the pros and cons of work from home.

    Journey of work from home excitement

    Changes got in our life after giving WFHMissing phase by doing WFHSaturation point due to WFHAcceptance due to WFHResons from WFH


    The journey of WFH

    Change Is Good

    • No Commuting

    If there is one common thing that all employees hate, that has to be commuting long distance for work, getting stuck in the traffic, etc. This consumes a lot a time and especially in metropolitan cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, traffic jams can last for hours together. Now that employees have got the opportunity to work from home, this is saving the commuting time and employees are using this time for various productive things.

    • Comfort At Home

    Employees who come from different parts of the country to work in metropolitan cities find it a bit difficult to manage their food and stay and as a result, they tend to compromise with healthy food. Now that employees are working from home, they can have healthy food, avoid commuting and most of all spend time with their family.

    • WFH Is Heaven

    When you work from home, you avoid traveling, waiting in traffic, etc. so you get an ample amount of time to spend on what you love. You can get back to your old hobbies which had gone lost in the busy schedule of life. When you are getting extra time to do some creative activities you find it nothing less than heaven.

    • Flexibility Is At Peak

    Every employee who is working from home will endorse the fact that flexibility will be at its peak. Since you are devoid of the worries like leaving to and from the office early, avoiding traffic, and wondering about where to eat? You feel relaxed and can concentrate on your work which will enhance your productivity.

    • Family Time

    No matter how old we become and what position we hold, we always miss our family some or other time. Due to this pandemic, employees are getting a good time to spend with their family which was lost in their busy life. They are spending time with their parents, children, etc. which is good for their mental health.

    Missing Phase

    • Missing Office At Times

    When you work from the office you are surrounded by an ambiance that is workaholic which plays a major role in enhancing your productivity. When you WFH, such an ambiance is impossible to get and you tend to get distracted easily. Employees will start missing the office environment after some time.

    • Missing Colleagues

    One of the biggest advantages of working from the office is that you will work alongside your colleagues, which gives you an opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss client’s issues, and work collectively to make the project successful. While working from home, you are devoid of such advantages as a result you start missing your colleagues.

    • I Don’t Know My New Manager

    Regular interaction with the team members, team leads, and managers is important as it plays a major role in building a personal bond. This bonding tends to be on the lower side when you work from home and especially when you have a new manager.

    Saturation Point

    • I Am Feeling Bored

    Working from home will become boring after a certain point in time and especially when you cannot get outside due to the pandemic. Employees tend to get trapped in their mundane activities and end-up losing interest in the work as a result of lowering their productivity.

    • Too Much Family Time

    In the initial days of working from home, it feels good spending quality time with the family and as the days go by, you become overwhelmed by the attention that you get and will start missing the alone time.

    • Same Routine

    Since you won’t be having much work to do other than office work and spending time with the family. Your routine will become mundane which can sometimes lead to frustration as well.


    • WFH Is Not A Long Term Solution

    WFH is definitely not a long-term solution because for the company to be successful in the longer run, it is essential that their employees should build a healthy relationship with each other which is only possible by meeting and greeting them in person.

    • COVID-19 Is Unavoidable

    As time passes, COVID will become a part of those diseases that have become a permanent member of planet earth. Researchers around the world are working on developing the vaccines and very soon will get a shot of these vaccines but till then, we should conduct our regular activities carefully by following the guidelines issued by the WHO.

    • Vibe At Office Is Different

    Having surrounded by people who give out a workaholic vibe is important for your productivity which is available only at the office. When you work from home, you are surrounded by a distraction that will hamper your work productivity.

    • I Need Me Time

    People find it difficult to make time for themselves when they work from home as they are constantly juggling between the responsibilities of work and home and sometimes this experience can be overwhelming.

    • Collaborating Is Difficult In WFH

    We have to accept the fact that collaborating is difficult via telephone, Video call, or email which can sometimes lead to frustration delaying the work, wasting the time, and hampering your productivity.



    Work from home is undoubtedly the immediate fix because of the ongoing pandemic in the world but however, it is not a permanent solution. Human to human interaction amongst the employees is needed for any organization to succeed in the longer run. In order to make that possible, we at Novel Office have been following all the rules guided by the WHO and are operating with the utmost care. All of our coworking space centers, office space for rent, business centers are ready to welcome new clients in all of our locations If you are looking for a coworking space that can provide you the best services with the safest environment then Novel Office is the best choice for you. Call now to know more.

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