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    The Evolution of Shared Office Space

    Ever since the concept of offices was introduced, traditional office spaces in different corporate buildings were a habitual dilemma. With time and technology evolution, the coworking concept evolved in 1995. The term “coworking” was developed in 2005, in San Francisco, by Brad Neuberg – a programmer. He reacted to the unproductivity of his work life.

    India was still evolving as one of the largest democratic countries adapting to the concept of coworking like other countries. Today, coworking is a phenomenal model, widely accepted and adopted in leading Indian cities like Bangalore. You can find shared office space in Bangalore that is completely furnished and gives a different meaning to the work environment.

    Coworking connotes working separately in a shared environment. It stimulated working with multiple organizations under one roof. When the model was introduced 50 years back, employees were merely sitting at their desk, holding a pen in their hand and a diary, and/or typewriter. Today, we sit at comfortable and ergonomic workstations, equipped with a laptop/computer/tablet. The office space is evolving continuously and adapting to the latest trends. In times of come, there shall be a steady demand for alternative workspace because of the rise in productivity due to coworking space.

    History Of Shared Office Space Evolution

    Shared working space is one of the mundane requirements for freelancers and those working remotely or running startups. While the concept of the shared workspace was coined in 2005, it evolved dramatically since then. At a coworking space in a big city, you would be independent and free of working all by yourself with that community feel as well as structure to work with others.

    The First Coworking Space

    The first-ever office space shared under this concept was in San Francisco, as per data. Few friends, at the Spiral Muse, mentioned the idea of coworking. One of the persons with whom this idea was shared agreed to allow him to use the office space at the Spiral Muse at USD 300 per month, twice weekly, making a profit past the sum for himself. By providing rent for the first couple of months, the coworking space of San Francisco opened officially.

    Coworking Space & Flexibility

    The evolution of shared office space sets in an optimistic ambiance and allows people to interact with one another as they share brilliant ideas. Such workplaces also help people learn as well as acknowledge the idea that you could spread the idea and thoughts to others. Today, most of these shared workplaces stimulated new and trendy offices with beautiful interiors to boost up the look of the office and make it more comfortable, adorable, and fun. Employees prefer flexible workspaces with the freedom of doing things as they like, according to their conditions.

    Truth About The Evolution of Shared Office Space

    • In a conceptualized shared office space, coworkers share all the facilities like office interiors, amenities, workstations, canteen, Wi-Fi, laptops, and also work ethics and values
    • Employees come to work in a shared office space with the correct mindset and communicate with other members, share knowledge, and discuss ideas
    • The flexibility of working in a shared workplace is much greater than in corporate offices
    • Shared office space for rent in Bangalore is the most productive workplace for startups, self-employed and freelancers
    • Month after month, coworking functions refresh the mind of employees while encouraging them to work consistently and be productive
    • Coworking spaces do not impose limits on their employees
    • Coworking space is also related to innovative working techniques such as openness, collaboration, accessibility, community, work-life balance, attractiveness, sustainability, and economic efficiency

    Shared Office Space Is the Most Preferred for Startups

    The shared office space concept is not only cost-effective but the most sensible option for startups. Together with other benefits and facilities, shared offices are the most unique and productive workplaces for modern offices. Big workgroups and teams are now heading towards the concept of coworking spaces after witnessing the healthy, flexible and productive work environment.

    The Future Trend of Shared Office Space

    Startups and large enterprises prefer to work in shared office spaces because it is a less expensive and highly productive option. It is predicted that this industry would topple USD 2.2 million by the end of 2022 and it is also estimated to increase coworking penetration by up to 5.7% in the same year. Significant cost savings between 20 and 25 percent are expected compared to conventional office spaces.

    Coworking and shared office space are innovative ways of working. As India is the breeding ground of startups, the demand for shared offices is growing steadily. It also created better work opportunities with an optimistic vibe and lesser cost compared to conventional offices.

    Final Word

    As you understand the evolution of shared office spaces, accept the fact that it opens new dimensions to learn, share knowledge, and explore bigger and brighter ideas facilitating various other parameters




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