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    Sign’s You are Ready for an Office Space Upgrade

    The growth of your business is directly proportional to the growth of your office space. Numerous factors determine that your business is growing and you will have to upgrade your office space. Startups and well-established companies that operate from a shared office space or business centers in Bangalore also move to a bigger space if they want to expand. The growth of a company can be in any form, it can be venturing into a new market, hiring more employees, providing more products and services and the list goes on.

    Upgrading the office space for business

    A Business should have a hassle-free experience with regards to their workspace. Any contradictions to this statement would ideally suggest that you should look for an office space that makes working there easy for you. Therefore finding an office space shouldn’t be considered an easy task. Here are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration:

    • Budget
    • Location
    • Connectivity(Commuting)
    • Amenities/Facilities provided.
    • Accessibility (24/7 Access)

    Some of the signs which indicate that you will have to opt for a bigger office space for rent:

    • Overcrowded workplace
    • Meeting Rooms Crises
    • Employees are Complaining
    • Massive Hiring Plans
    • Expiring Lease Contract
    • Lack of Storage


    Overcrowded workplace

    Overcrowding of the employees at your shared office space is one of the major signs of upgrading to a bigger office space. Overcrowding will not only create a chaotic scene in the office but will also hamper the productivity of the employees and you might end-up giving less output because of the ongoing disturbance.

    Meeting Rooms Crises

    An increase in the number of employees in the organization will also lead to an increase in the number of teams and subsequently increases the frequency of meetings. If your current office has only 1 meeting room then your employees will be subjected to tension amongst themselves due to the demand for the meeting room. If your employees demand more meeting rooms and your current office doesn’t have the space to fulfill it then it is evident that you need to upgrade your office space.

    Employees Are Complaining

    In order to increase your companies’ yearly turnover and gain the maximum benefit, one of the major pre-requisites is to keep your employees happy, not just with the pay but also with the facilities provided in the office. When your employees are not happy with your office space in terms of the number of meeting rooms, smaller work stations, etc. they tend to complain about the shortcomings in the office which is also the major signs for upgrading your office space.

    Massive Hiring Plans

    If you have any plans for hiring more staff in the next couple of months then it is advisable to take into consideration, if the space of your current office meets the demands of your expected additional employees, in terms of the work stations, pantry space and washroom. If it doesn’t match then you will have to plan ahead regarding moving into a bigger office space before getting these employees on board so as to avoid any kind of chaos.

    Expiring Lease Contract

    If your term in the current office is going to get expired then it is a golden opportunity for you to re-evaluate the whole office and taken into consideration the areas that you think need to be improved so plan accordingly and go for the bigger space if required. This will also give you a chance to update and refresh your brand.

    Lack of Storage

    No employees like their work desk to be unorganized merely because of the lack of space. This will not only give the office a chaotic appeal but will also distract the employees during their work and thus hampering the productivity level of the employees. In addition to this, there are chances of important files getting misplaced. So lack of storage in your office space is also one of the signs of upgrading your office space.

    Before settling with office space there are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration. Let us discuss some of them:

    1. Location

    Places like eateries, bus stops, metro, etc. play an important role while selecting an office space. As employees should find a good and healthy place to have food and it should also be convenient for them to travel back home without much hassle.

    2. Read the lease term carefully

    You should be aware of the agreement you are signing into and make sure that everything you are looking for is accomplished in the contract, in order to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

    3. Commute facility

    Ease of reaching your office Space should be one of the top priorities that you should consider before getting an office space for rent. Minimal travel times and easy accessibility ensure you have a smooth functioning business.

    4. Parking facility

    You should make sure that your workplace has enough space for all the employees to park their vehicles and the charges for different types of vehicles should also be specified clearly in order to avoid further crises.

    5. Amenities

    Every company will have different demands and they choose the office space accordingly, you should make sure that the amenities that you require are in place and you pay only for those.

    Office Spaces at Novel Office

    Novel Office is the favourite choice for the companies looking for an office space that could help meet their demands, be it getting seats for up to 100 employees, redesigning your cabin as per your needs and etc. We make sure our clients reap the maximum benefits out of our services. Our services range from providing 1 seater to 100 seaters. We offer shared office space, office space for rent and business centers in Bangalore, and many more.

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