The notion of “coworking spaces” arose as a response to many of the issues that startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers confront. It is primarily intended to enhance networking by providing conveniences while keeping individuals focused on their tasks.

Though this phenomenon has many advantages, it also has several issues that have yet to be resolved.

Here are some of the potential issues that shared workplaces may encounter and ways to avoid them.

Co-working Space Challenge and Their Solutions:

1. Lingering Distractions

Distractions at work create the most disturbance for employees when they need to focus at work. The continual noise in a workplace may sap the attention of even the most dedicated employee, thanks to office banter, sporadic ringing of telephones, and overall cacophony.

According to Medium research, over two-thirds of potent and high-performing employees say they require quiet office zones. Nearly 80% of those who believe their workplace is noisy find office noise too distracting to work to their full ability.

Furthermore, 54% of ordinary employees spend a significant amount of time at work simply attempting to concentrate. In fact, according to the research of Humboldt University research, it takes the average individual 23 minutes to recentralize the focus on being distracted by noise; around a half-hour of drained productivity.

2. Technical Problems

Regardless of how technically sound the shared office space is, certain technological challenges are bound to arise every other day. Slow Wi-Fi, a suddenly broken printer, a crucial presentation with no projector are just a few of the issues seen in coworking spaces. Therefore, before finalizing a co-working space in Bangalore, make sure to visit the location at least twice or thrice and test the internet connection on your computer. Take in as much information as possible about the space.

3. Varying Expectation in Social and Professional Life 

Though all employees perform similar or comparable tasks and operate in the related industry, the average workplace possesses various personalities and psychological profiles.

Everyone has various beliefs about what kind of legitimate social activities their colleague or supervisors should engage in while at work, just as everyone has different ideas about what constitutes appropriate office banter.

Birthday parties, while greatly enjoyed by many, may be viewed as needless by other employees. Even though participation is not mandatory, such gatherings might cause obstacles and disrupts the workflow of other co-workers in the workplace.

Worse, even in an attempt to establish a pleasant workplace environment, disseminating such information may be seen as intrusive.

4. Working Hours

Entrepreneurs are always at work. You’ll need a place to work that supports your efforts. Pay attention to the work schedules and see if they are suitable for the type of business you need to do, particularly when you need to accomplish it. Novel Office, being the best coworking space in Bangalore, Novel Office believes in providing its clients with the ideal environment and flexible working hours to help them take their businesses to the next level.

5. Invasion of privacy

One of the most significant issues with coworking spaces is a lack of privacy. Nothing compares to the privacy of working from home. Therefore, coworking places should provide some level of privacy.

The placement of your desk and the amount of space you have all play a role in establishing seclusion. Isolation is achievable by maximizing space between individual workstations. However, this comes at the sacrifice of effective space management. Unique layouts might also assist. A well-positioned plant can effectively conceal views into a workstation. For phone conversations and face-to-face meetings, a soundproof office provides seclusion. Even modest furniture, such as screens, might aid in increasing isolation.

6. Quick turnovers

Just as you begin to socialize with one nice face, you blink and notice that she has vanished and that her desk has been taken up by someone else. All you have to do is embrace the reality that they are coworking office spaces where members can come and go at any time.

7. Varying Personal Environmental Preferences 

The majority of people have diverse preferences for what temperature they feel comfortable. Furthermore, the professional performance of the individuals is not just affected by temperature but also by personal preferences.

According to polls done and published by the Society for Human Resource Management, just 54% of office goers believe their working environment’s temperature is ideal. On the other side, 27% of employees say that their office is too hot, while 19% believe it is too cold.

Therefore, considering the nature of a typical office setting a homogeneous temperature can be set.

The Final Words 

When opting for coworking office space in Bangalore can help you strike a balance. You need to keep these common challenges in mind and go for a place that has already worked upon these flaws. Novel Office is one of the leading names when it comes to shared office spaces in Bangalore for a reason. From high-end infrastructure and world-class amenities to supreme privacy, it’s got everything to be a perfect covering space. So, wait no more and pat visit to Novel Office today.

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