Remarkable advancements in digital technology have been facilitating individuals to set up an online business and run it seamlessly from the convenience of their homes. Freelancers, consultants, contractors and many other professionals from diverse domains nowadays resort to a virtual office to execute their business activities. Most startups these days are opting for a coworking space more than ever. Shared workplaces and virtual offices are a cost-efficient alternative to a traditional office.

If you intend to build a startup that will be managed by a team comprising you and a very few professionals, it’s prudent to choose a shared office space for rent. The prime advantage of commencing your business operation in a coworking space is that you get the chance to connect with experts from multiple fields.

Why Does Networking Matter in Coworking Spaces?

When you make optimum use of your networking skills, you can develop a solid connection with other startups and professionals in your community and drive rewarding opportunities. Besides ensuring flexible working hours, shared workplaces also offer networking opportunities to startups and small businesses.

Growing quickly and successfully becomes easier for a startup firm when it gets the invaluable opportunity to connect and collaborate with well-versed individuals in a coworking space community. Working in proximity to successful business owners, solopreneurs, and professionals specialised in IT, marketing, designing, etc., increases collaboration potential. You may not have to wait for a longer time to expand your business if you network well.

In a shared office space in Bangalore, startups that are a part of the community get the opportunity to contribute to one another’s projects. This is indeed a modern, effective and encouraging way of working and facilitating a business to grow. Coworking spaces help improve the productivity and creativity of independent professionals aside from those who work with startups or small organisations.

Traditional workplaces do not offer any opportunities for businesses to network and collaborate. Hence, to make sure that such great chances come your way right from the moment when you commence business operation, opt for a shared workspace. Aside from partnerships and joint ventures, networking helps you hire top talents (contract/part-time/full-time basis) who are a part of the coworking space community.

It is of utmost importance to socialise as much as possible with other professionals in a flexible office space to grow your network. Know that building and maintaining a healthy relationship with experienced and competent coworkers should be your objective. Here’s how to network in coworking spaces in a successful manner.

Introduce Yourself

First and foremost, you should introduce yourself to every professional you come across in a shared office space for rent. Do not shy away from interacting with your coworkers. The key to building a solid connection in a quick time is self-introduction without bragging. More coworkers will refer your startup if you succeed in creating a bond quickly, and eventually, your sales will increase.

Share Your Valuable Inputs

Try to be open with like-minded professionals around you in a coworking space if you really want them to take an interest in your business and collaborate with you. Sharing your expertise and knowledge with proficient workers in a shared workspace can prove beneficial for your business. You will get complete support from talented professionals whenever you are in need to complete a particular project.

The more you share your inputs with your coworkers, including startups and independent professionals, the more new opportunities come your way. Your co-workers’ professional experiences can enrich your knowledge and help you understand the best ways to boost business growth.

Host and Attend Events

One of the best ways to network is to host events in your shared office space Bangalore. In the community area, you can set up a program in which your coworkers can participate. Networking events help create a strong bond among individuals in a coworking workplace. Make sure that you attend as many events as possible that other startups or small companies host.

You do not even have to step outside the workplace to attend any such events as these take place only a few steps away from your cabin or desk. A coworking space helps you to be an integral part of a diverse community across sectors. Attending networking events will help you become more cognizant of the companies and talented independent workers who are part of the community.

Unwind in the Community Area

Working continuously without respite can adversely impact your physical and psychological well-being. It is crucial for a working professional to take a short break and unwind no matter how busy the schedule is.

Take a stroll in the community area at times and have your lunch there whenever possible. The more frequent you are in this particular area of a coworking space, the more are your chances of connecting with people working in this specific office space.


Keep these crucial things mentioned above in mind and diligently follow the same from the first day you start your business operation in a shared office space. Utilising your networking skills will also help you make quick connections and develop a healthy relationship with coworkers. Your chances of partnering and collaborating with other startups and independent professionals in the coworking space will increase when you network well with everyone.

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