How to Choose the Right Location for your Office in Bangalore

How to Choose the Right Location for your Office in Bangalore

When choosing your office space, the two most important factors that come to mind is location and price. Although the two go hand in hand, most companies might be tempted to compromise on the location in the initial stages as they don’t feel the need to spend more on an office space in a better location.


Why Does Location Matter?

Most companies don’t realize that location plays a major role in the entire operation of one’s business. Depending on the type of business, the location needs for each company will vary. Let us take a look at the different factors that come into picking the right location for your business.

Impression management is a critical factor and is the way your office is perceived and it makes a huge difference on how you can attract quality man power or the right clients. Presence of Competition is another to keep in mind, some businesses benefit from competition in close proximity, while others do not.

Another point to keep in mind is accessibility to both employees and clients, a business must ensure that it is easily accessible by public transportation. No one wants to go through great hassle to get to your office. One final thing to remember is that your office should be easily accessible to emergency services, it is best to be prepared for contingencies.


Why Bangalore?

Now you ask why you should choose Bangalore over other cities in India? Well the answer to that is quite simple. Bangalore being the Silicon Valley of India is home to several startups and has an ideal atmosphere for entrepreneurship. Apart from being well connected, the price of commercial real estate is very reasonable when compared to Mumbai or Delhi.


Areas You Should Consider

1) MG Road

This is considered to be the heart of the city, connected well by road and Metro, this area delivers on the coveted impression management as well. Apart from the high volume of traffic and steep commercials, this place is bang in the heart of the CBD and can be the ideal starting point for your business. Though you’ll need pretty deep pockets to start off here!

2) Indiranagar

One of the developing areas in terms of the commercial aspects, Indiranagar is a well-known suburb in the Eastern part of the city of Bangalore. It is well connected by road and metro, and is not plagued by the traffic of MG Road and the CBD. The commercial here are reasonable and can be a good place to start your business. It is a safe area though the parking availability is questionable.

3) Koramangala

One of the better known commercial centers of Bangalore, Koramangala is home to the upper echelons of society and is somewhere midway in terms of commercials but higher than Indiranagar. Koramangala is close enough to the CBD to get that boosted impression management, and is well connected by road. It is home to several startups that have changed the way we look at the economy in terms of ecommerce and delivery solution, such as Swiggy and Flipkart.

4) Marathahalli

Marathahalli is one of the upcoming areas of Bangalore both in terms of the residential and commercial scene. It is situated on the Outer Ring Road that connects most of Bangalore and is home to several tech parks such as RMZ Ecoworld and Ecospace as well as Embassy Tech Park. It is well connected by road as it is on the Outer Ring Road but not so much by public transportation.

5) Whitefield

Is symbolic of the startup culture and ecosystem of Bangalore, it is home to several tech parks and companies such as the Sigma Soft Tech Park, Brigade Tech Park and Hindustan Unilever Research Center. Whitefield is possibly the least well connected area on the list and suffers from heavy traffic. But it is home to several large residential complexes and has several malls and fine dining restaurants in the area to cater to all tastes.

So your choice of office space really boils down to your needs and criteria, weigh your pros and cons and remember always take an informed decision! Your location can make and break your business, so it is extremely important that due diligence is done, your location speaks volumes about your business and impacts your manpower and resources in important, yet subtle ways.

We’ve created a handy table for your reference as well, this table will include certain other areas, which will be ideal for office operations as well:

location rating

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