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    How Coworking Space can be a Big Cost Saviour

    Companies across different sizes opt for coworking space for a plethora of reasons, it might be for the networking opportunity that they get, the location in which the workspace is situated and etc. In midst of all these reasons, if there is one point which stands out of all is the amount of cost which is saved when you opt for a coworking space .

    It is not a hidden thing that start-ups struggle in the initial days with respect to capital is very saddening, it can either make the start-up of break it if the money is not used effectively. This is the main reason for many start-ups to close their office within a year. Lack of effective planning on how to utilize the best resource available in the market with the capital in the pocket is one of the major reasons endorsing the failure of many start-ups.

    In an era where the technology is booming and every other person is trying his luck with the entrepreneur’s suit, the probability of surviving In such a competitive environment is very low, especially if the start-up is bootstrapped then an extra amount of effort has to be applied compared to the ones who got fueling from the big giants.

    It doesn’t matter if your company is bootstrapped or has got good funding, if you are a smart entrepreneur then your major goal is to save as much money as possible by not investing in unnecessary things and reap the maximum benefit out of it. One of the major sources where the companies invest a lot of money is in the office space, where you pay the initial deposit, sign a lock-in term, and added to this is the amount which goes into designing the office which suites you needs. The story doesn’t end here, once the base is set-up then you will have to invest in the furniture, electronic devices, and of course the maintenance charges. By the time you reach this stage you probably would have invested a good amount of capital in it.

    To overcome this challenge, Novel Office Coworking space is the best solution, where you don’t have to incur the cost of deposit and customizing the office space. We already house a plethora of companies from start-ups to multinationals. One of the major factors which keep the Novel Office ahead of our competition is, we provide free customization for our clients. We understand that every company has its own requirement and we are more than happy to serve them with customizing the office as per their need for free.

    Apart from that we provide no lock-in and no deposit facility, this is done to reduce the pressure of lock-in on the company and we let them stay as long as they want, they can even upsize or downsize the company depending on the company’s performance.

    Novel Office provides all the necessary electronic devices which are essential to run an office smoothly, which includes, meeting room projectors, air condition and etc. added to that is our 24*7 IT support which will help resolve all of your issues.

    If you go for a traditional office space then, the cost involved initially is exuberant and the maintenance of which is also a costly affair. Opting for a coworking space like the Novel Office is a suitable solution as it helps you save a good amount of capital and lets you focus on the growth of the company and in-turn you can use the saved capital in maybe by venturing into the new market or entering into a new city. So, opting for a coworking space is the smartest choice as it is a big cost saviour.

    if you want to know more about the coworking space offered by Novel Office.

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