How Co-Working Spaces Can Be Profitable for Your Business

In Bangalore, which is the IT hub of the country, traditional offices are getting replaced by coworking space companies because the traditional offices lack flexibility, scalability and affordability. Many have started to accept this new mode of working. The startups and entrepreneurs are looking for a professional-friendly workplace, engagement with like-minded people and increased job satisfaction so that their teams can perform to the maximum of their capabilities. As the needs of today’s professionals are simple and limited, coworking spaces in Bangalore are the perfect options that cater to their needs efficiently.

There are the best coworking spaces in Bangalore that come in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from. For those who struggle with the existing traditional office format, it is time to invest in a coworking office space in Bangalore. You can use the space for one hour to five years depending on your shared office space requirement.

In this blog, let’s get an insight into how coworking space is profitable for your business.


One of the prime factors that many choose a coworking space is that it is affordable. It is vital to understand what exactly you are willing and can afford to offer, in order to yield profits. As the company expands, the traditional office requires massive investments and maintenance costs. By making use of a shared office, there will be a significant reduction of costs and operational expenses. Coworking needs may be different for companies and these spaces offer business solutions from small private offices to dedicated desks at affordable rates. Coworking space prices in Bangalore may vary from one company to the other. Look for the cheapest coworking space in Bangalore to reduce your operational expenses!


One of the top benefits of a coworking space is flexibility. The flexibility of working hours makes the professionals enjoy their working style as it provides the added benefits of fostering new ways of working. You also have the flexibility to choose a desk, private cabin and conference rooms. During a break to relax your mind, coworking spaces have amenities like cafeterias and lounge areas.

Flexible workspaces have emerged as a fruitful solution for businesses to be agile with their workplace requirements. You can either sign-up for a 5-year lease or can join for much shorter durations. These flexible workspaces provide a great setup for stimulating innovation within a company. Sharing spaces with freelancers, startups and other companies make it more interesting to share different ideas and ways of thinking. It also provides an opportunity for brand-building.


Location is the key factor when you are opting for a coworking space in Bangalore. The possibility of having a desk or a shared workspace at a prime location in Bangalore is easy with the best coworking spaces like Novel Office. Our offices are located in various prime locations in the city such as Koramangala, Whitefield, MG Road, HSR and Marathahalli. The office is easily accessible and close to public transport routes. You will get a parking space. By renting a cost-effective and customizable shared space, you gain a competitive edge over others in this uncertain business world.


When you are working in a coworking space, you are likely to meet and communicate with like-minded people. It sparks up new ideas and inspirations, boosting your motivation. The professionals can work with increased productivity, nurturing a collaborative environment that can lead to the birth of thriving businesses. The professionals get a truly inspiring office experience by working in a shared office space.

Customized Packages to suit your needs

Coworking spaces are tailored to suit the needs of corporates and your business ethos. These shared spaces are ergonomically designed to promote a work-life balance, ensuring optimum productivity by your team. The workspaces are equipped with various amenities like cafes, gym and recreational game zones. Each shared office space is completely in sync with your brand aesthetics.

Novel office offers fully furnished tailormade offices ranging from 100 to 10,000 sq.ft. You can also opt for 10 to 300 seats in our coworking spaces in Bangalore without any lock-in or deposit.


Sometimes a switch to new working environments like coworking spaces is the best inspiration of all. Moreover, these coworking spaces are designed with outdoor desk space, high-top tables, couches, cafeterias – you name it! These office spaces foster entrepreneurship and are more stimulating than traditional offices.

Website designers, writers, freelancers, IT professionals and creative artists can make use of these shared office spaces as they have a blend of comfort in working with the ambience of a corporate workplace. There are several distractions when you work at home. But, coworking spaces work better than work from home options. With this coworking model, you will reap benefits ranging from improved agility to increased visibility. Prime location, flexible contract and a variety of gourmet options, you get it all from coworking office spaces in Bangalore!

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