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    Home-Working or Co-Working

    Home-Working or Co-Working

    Today we deal with the much debated question: How does working from home measure up against the coworking space. Strap in as we dive into the fray!

    With the rise in importance of the virtual world, there has been a shift in the nature of working environment. Nowadays a lone man can run a company, or at least well enough in the initial stages, so much so that people are beginning to question the relevance of the traditional office space at all.

    Now lots of entrepreneurs prefer to work out of their own homes, or a coffee shop or the now popular concept of co-working spaces. A co-working space is like a traditional office except it tends to be more informal and quirky in nature and all tenants share costs of maintenance and general upkeep. So it comes as no surprise that a greater number of individuals prefer to work at home in their boxers as opposed to going out and dealing with the hassle of traffic and chore of human interaction. Or at least invest in a co-working space where they don’t have to deal with someone breathing down their neck but get into a productive mode as well.

    Why work from home?

    1. You define your space and work environment, without dealing with additional overheads.
    2. You are your own boss, no more looking over your shoulder every second.
    3. You can unwind with some Netflix and finish that COD death match.
    4. Your surroundings can be as noisy or as quiet as you want.

    Why not work from home?

    1. You have to deal with unwanted visitors and distractions like pets and children.
    2. You tend to neglect personal hygiene and that three-day beard.
    3. You don’t get that professional feel when meeting clients.
    4. Lack of personal interaction can lead to stagnation of the soul.

    Now that we’ve looked at the bedroom as an office, let’s consider a co-working space

    Why co-working?

    1. You get an informal and often stimulating environment to work.
    2. You get a professional look and feel in front of your clients while saving on the cost of a traditional office.
    3. You get to network with like-minded individuals.
    4. Co-working spaces often host talks by leaders in the industry that could give your firm that impetus it needs.

    Why not co-working?

    Co-working spaces may be noisy at times and they tend to give a generic unbranded feel to your company.

    So the choice at the end of the day boils down to your business requirements; operating out of your own home and from a co-working space has both its own respective advantages and disadvantages.

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