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    Factors to keep in Mind for the Coworking Space Providers

    Factors to keep in Mind for the Coworking Space Providers

    There is no doubt that coworking spaces are gaining popularity and entrepreneurs always prefer coworking spaces over the traditional office space as there are a plethora of advantages to it. Due to the increase in the demand for coworking spaces, the competition between the coworking spaces to be ahead of the race is increasing by every day. But the sad part is so many coworking service providers fail to deliver the right quality of service due to which they lose out their business.

    In order to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services, below mentioned are some of the points which will make the stay of the clients at your coworking space delightful.

    1.Flexible Working Hours

    In the current scenario companies working in the night, the shift has become common and there are other companies that only operate at night, keeping these aspects in mind a coworking space provider should operate 24 hours a day for all 7 days a week. Start-ups tend to put-in extra time and effort in building their business so it is important to encourage them at any time of the day.

    Making sure that all the amenities are available at night is a must, A separate set of staff should be assigned to look after all the essential activities like IT support, maintenance, gated security, etc. the continuous support from the space providers to its clients will surely enhance their productivity.


    In quest of reaping the maximum benefit out of the space available for the coworking space providers, they tend to assign more number of people per unit space as a result this will lead to hampering the employee’s concentration which leads to a loss in productivity of work, apart from that it will also be the cause of chaos in the office which might lead to losing the important files.

    In order to curb this issue, coworking spaces have to make sure that a good amount of space is allocated to every individual which gives him enough freedom to work without any disturbance. To make their clients comfortable during the work, placing bean bags for relaxing can help them beat the stress during the work. Spacious conference rooms and meeting rooms also have an impact on clients’ productivity, the spacious it is the better the results will be.

    Factors to keep in Mind for the Coworking Space Providers


    Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the coworking space plays a major role in retaining your clients. Common rooms like the washroom, cafeteria, etc. should be well maintained and dedicated staff should be employed to look after these activities.

    Regular cleaning of the office floors, tables, fans, air condition, etc. should be done on a daily basis and these places should be the first preference as your clients tend to spend a whole lot of time here.


    Your clients spend nearly 10 hours at your workspace so it is your duty to keep them energetic and fresh. Decorating the wall with good graphics and motivational quotes will cheer employees to work hard. A proper space for the sunlight to enter should also be provided so as to make them feel refreshed.

    Placing plants at your workplace really help lift up the mood of your employees and will keep them energetic.


    As a coworking space provider, it is very important to note that your next client can be from any industry. Coworking space providers should always be proactive and should be ready to customize the office space as per their requirement at a minimum to no cost. This gives a sense of assurance that you really value your clients.

    Some clients might ask for a BPO like seating while other clients might be from the entertainment industry, so you should be ready to cater to their demands and make them stay. This is where Novel Office is better than its competition as we provide free customization to our clients. This has made us unique in our industry and has been the prime reason for attracting more customers.


    These are some of the points that the coworking space providers should always keep in mind in order to make their clients happy.

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