Coworking is a great way to work with fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs. People who run their small business or startup find coworking a fruitful concept. But this concept is not a new thing. It dates back to 1999, when the term was first coined.

Brief History of Coworking

When talking about the history of coworking spaces, there are plenty of places worldwide that started doing coworking years ago. But certain names need special mention.

Bernard DeKoven, an American designer, first used the term coworking in 1999. This date is remembered as the history of coworking until he visualized a workspace where people of different professional backgrounds can work together and collaborate.

Later his ideology became very popular and led to the foundation of coworking spaces that are prevalent today. In 2002, the first known coworking space was opened by two Austrian entrepreneurs in Vienna. It was the first place where freelancers, PR consultants and startup owners started working together.

The major change in coworking came with the San Francisco coworking space opened by Brad Neuberg in the year 2005. It is the first modern coworking environment that allows people to work freely according to their skills and profession and build a community.

Currently, London is one of the largest cities with coworking spaces that occupy 10.7 million square feet of office space.

Advantages Of Coworking For Businesses

●  Coworking space is a money-saving way of working. Businesses do not need to set up a new space for running operations. They do not need to invest in furniture and other necessary equipment. Instead, you get everything ready with a coworking space, starting from internet connections to the cafeteria. Then, all you need to do is pay monthly rent for all the services you use. And this is one of the primary reasons why even the big business companies prefer coworking spaces.
●  You get all your resources ready. As one of the coworking space members, you will be able to access fax, printers, scammers, conference halls, and many more for your business needs. The best part is coworking spaces come with recreational zones for members. So if you consider all the perks you get, coworking space rentals are cost-effective solutions to a traditional office space.
●  Coworking spaces are more flexible and scalable. You can e asily extend the contract for as long as you need to. Thus many business owners prefer coworking spaces over traditional offices where the contract is a big problem.
●  Coworking spaces have more growth opportunities than working in a single traditional office. This is because coworking offices have different professionals and startup owners working in the same workspace. This allows people to find additional leads and build a team of like-minded people. In addition, coworking is a place for sourcing talents and clients.
●  Networking is another reason startups and business owners choose coworking space over traditional offices. You can meet new people every day, learn new ideas, share your thoughts and create something extraordinary. Coworking space is just like a pool of talents and ideas. You will find people in the same field as yours and collaborate with them.

Future Of Coworking Spaces In India

According to a recent study, coworking offices share 3% of the total office spaces. This is likely to change and increase to 4.2% by 2023. There is a big chance of expanding the coworking office spaces by the end of 2023. This clearly shows that most working-class people are more interested in working in a coworking office space. Because coworking office spaces are inspiring and yield more productivity, they are widely preferred by professionals and business owners.

Final Thought

Getting to work in a coworking office space is only a matter of awareness and knowledge. The demand for coworking spaces is increasing for several reasons. It is a very convenient way to work and grow at the same time. If a healthy work environment is what you are looking for, a coworking office would be the best fit.

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