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    Choosing a Furnished or Unfurnished Office Space – Which one is best?

    Is your business rapidly expanding? If yes, then moving into a dedicated office space may be the next important decision that you are pondering upon. Indeed, having a good and modern office is just what every business needs to grow further. But it is also important that this decision is calculated and well thought out. Even a small decision can have a decisive impact on the entire future of your business.

    In respect to an office, the first important point that you must think about is whether you really need to move into a new space. If the answer is affirmative, then the next crucial point is the amount of space or kind of amenities that you expect in the new office.

    A small edutech start-up may not require as much space as a delivery business or a furniture business. So assess your needs and decide on the amount of space you require. Other important decisions include whether you’d like to have the space on rent or lease, the preferable location, the budget, and so on.

    After all these decisions have been made, you will still be left with another important decision-that is- whether you would like a furnished or unfurnished office.

    About Furnished Office Space & Unfurnished Office Space

    While business owners spend a huge amount of time in strategically choosing their office location and estimating the budget. Deciding whether you want a furnished office space for rent in Bangalore or an unfurnished one, can also be a smart consideration businesswise.

    Furnished office space as the name suggests already has all the furniture that an office is likely to need. Work stations and cubicles are already prepared with enough provisions to plug in your electronic devices. So all you need to do is move into the office and you are ready to start working from day one.

    As opposed to that, the unfurnished spaces are open to being furnished and decorated as per your liking. So you will have to incur additional costs in getting the necessary furniture, preparing the work floor and the like.

    Both the fully furnished and unfurnished office space has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You will have to weigh these factors with your needs to understand which among them works best for you.

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Furnished & Unfurnished Office Space

    To aid your understanding and to help you choose better, experts have gathered the advantages and disadvantages of each type of shared workspaces. Read on to know more:

    Furnished Office Spaces


    • Saves Your Precious Time

    In today’s time-constrained business world, time translates as money. If your office takes several days to set up, it may cause a hindrance to your business. This means that your company will have to incur a higher financial burden. A furnished workspace means that you will get to save a lot of time. Since the office set up is already ready beforehand, you will only need a few hours to make the move.

    • Professionally Decorated Interiors

    Today, it is no longer enough to simply have a functional workspace. The impression that you make on your client will depend largely on how your furnished office for rent looks. Since the interiors of the furnished offices are usually done by professional decorators, they look much better and more professional.

    • Another key factor that professional designers ensure is that each and every inch of your office space is utilized to the utmost. So, in the furnished office space for rent, you are likely to get more for less.


    • The only disadvantage of furnished office spaces is that they cost slightly higher than the unfurnished ones. But you will have to keep in mind the other costs that you are likely to incur after you hire an unfurnished space.

    Unfurnished Office Space


    Give a Personalized Look

    Having an unfurnished office space is suitable for all those who would like to give their personal touch to their office décor. Since the whole responsibility of procuring furniture, dividing the workspace and the like are on you, you can give it any kind of look that you want. Unfurnished office spaces are also suitable for those who already have lots of furniture from their previous arrangement.


    Apart from the rent or lease amount, everything else works in the disfavour of the unfurnished offices. Unlike the furnished office space for rent in Bangaloresetting up an unfurnished office takes a lot of time. Further, some of the fixtures that you will need to get for your office cannot be moved. So when you vacate the space, you will have to leave those behind.

    With this article, you have a complete overview of the advantages and disadvantages of furnished offices for rent versus unfurnished ones. Now, selecting the right choice will hopefully become simpler for you.

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