Biggest Myths About Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are no longer a rare view, thanks to the growing demand for coworking spaces. Many organizations are adapting themselves to this new way of conducting business, as can be witnessed in the coworking space in MG Road, Bangalore. It is not just budget-friendly, but also many more things that are often beyond the realization of entrepreneurs.

Those who have explored this booming culture knows its advantages as well as its popularity among the customers. However, the strengths of this interesting way of working are still not fully unveiled due to the various myths associated with coworking spaces. Some of the popular ones are busted below to let you clear your thoughts on the same.

Myth 1- Coworking is expensive

Expenses are rightfully a major concern in any business. And unfortunately, coworking spaces are usually regarded unfavorably for the same. But coworking spaces are, in fact, a blessing for companies that are trying to cut down on unnecessary expenses. You need not attach yourself to big infrastructures even when it is not required for your business. Coworking space in Whitefield and other parts of Bangalore allows you to rent as big or small coworking spaces as it is required. You can also enjoy renting the space for specific hours or days. Doesn’t that sound economic?

Myth 2- Coworking spaces are noisy

Many entrepreneurs decline the idea of sharing their working spaces thinking that it will be too noisy. But that is not the exact picture. Coworking spaces allow you to operate from any corner of the place. You can find coworking spaces in Koramangala enjoying a dedicated desk that is free from interruptions. On the other side, coworking spaces can serve as a resourceful place for building networks that will facilitate your company’s growth.

Myth 3- Coworking spaces are not secure

An open-space culture may appear to be a threat to your data and privacy. And this often drives people away from coworking spaces. But it is a little known fact that coworking space companies are required to follow the strictest of security policies to conduct their businesses. Coworking space in Whitefield, Koramangala and other prominent locations in Bangalore has secured gateways that can only be opened through smartphones or a personal key. Visitors are granted access to the spaces only through identity verification by the owner. So, these spaces are no less than the security systems followed in a privately owned company.

Myth 4- Coworking spaces look unprofessional to clients and business contacts

Infrastructure indeed attracts prospects. But it is a myth that coworking spaces fail to achieve that attraction. The fact that it is on par with the modern world is quite a factor for your clients to appreciate your farsightedness. You can book conference or meeting rooms in the coworking space in HSR layout to make your discussions buzz-free. Besides, you can also let your clients enjoy the breaks by taking a tour of the cafeteria.

Myth 5- Coworking is for hipsters and start-ups

Coworking spaces are usually associated with startups. But on the contrary, the flexibility of coworking spaces invites a range of businesses. From solopreneurs to large and small business owners, shared workspaces can cater to a variety of needs. And not to forget the significant contribution that a diverse workspace, such as the coworking space in MG Road, Bangalore can make in increasing the visibility of your company.

Myth 6- Business privacy goes for a toss in a coworking space

If you rent a coworking space in Koramangala, one of the hotspots in Bangalore you will know that these spaces are not devoid of privacy. From private training rooms to a conference room, you can use the space as per your requirement. You do not have a specific infrastructure to confine to and, hence, you can utilize the space as you wish to.

Myth 7- Coworking spaces hinder the growth

Many believe that coworking spaces are not suitable for expansion. But that is a myth. Coworking spaces in HSR layout are full of options for renting additional seats for your new employees. And this means that you can operate from these shared workspaces even when your company’s strength is increasing.

Myth 8- Coworking spaces are for short term

The demand for coworking space is not a fluke, it is a culture that is gaining a widespread acceptance of entrepreneurs. This culture has gained recognition by big brands such as Google and Amazon and it is fast becoming a choice by many others. The partnering companies are estimated to cross 5 million by 2022 in India. This explains the future of this new work culture.

Thus, the myths surrounding coworking spaces are many. But do not let them hold you back from exploring this useful style of working. Shared workspaces are loaded with benefits that can help your company to grow and reach out to many. There are several coworking spaces to choose from. So, feel free to move around and find the most suitable one for your business.

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