A serviced office is owned by a facility management company and is fully furnished and fully equipped with the ability to lease out individual rooms and floors to other companies. Companies that manage these spaces have control over them, so they are flexible with long-term leases and request additional spaces compared to a traditional office. These offices allow companies to save money through shared resources.

The reasons why companies need a shared office space are

Easy transition

It is not an easy job to set up a new office. Tasks such as choosing the location, setting up the interiors and furnishing, and other processes can be time-consuming. Companies usually don’t have the liberty of spending so much time on finding a place, wait for it to be furnished, and move the equipment to the new office. Sometimes they need to shift everything as soon as possible to meet the business requirements. But these office spaces reduce the risk of transition by allowing clients to move in immediately.

Flexible agreements

Serviced office spaces are quite flexible. You have the liberty to decide for how long do you need, how much space you need. Depending on your business, you might need the space for a year, 3 to 5 years, or even longer. These options are quite limited when it comes to renting independent offices and unfurnished offices.

Cost effectiveness

Activities such as furnishing the space, maintenance of equipment, cleaning, and other costs add to your expenses list. In a traditional office, businesses have to hire different companies to maintain computer systems in case of an error. This can be avoided when you work in a shared office space. Serviced offices have a separate team for cleaning and maintaining facilities so that you can spend time on other aspects of the business.

Work with different professionals from various fields

Shared and serviced office space provides the opportunity to work with professionals from various fields. Shared office spaces act as a platform to connect with different people from various fields. They connect together and share their ideas and thoughts.

Customised Office

In serviced office space, you can customise your workspace. For example, you can add a banner making an advertisement for your company, letting others know that you are running a business there.

Pay for what you use

In a serviced office, companies need to pay only for what you use. If your business seldom uses any expensive equipment, then the money used to purchase that equipment may be used for any other expense. So, the overhead and equipment costs may be reduced when you lease out a serviced office space. And generally, you pay only for the space you use. Whether the size of the team increases or decreases, still you pay only for the things you pay.

Top-notch amenities

Serviced office spaces come with a lot of facilities like good wi-fi connection, cafeteria, cleaning service, and a fully staffed reception. The resources and network available at these offices are updated and serviced regularly, so your employees can enjoy the full benefit of them and work comfortably.

Multi-location and prime location

It is impossible to buy an office in a prime location is an impossible thing. Instead, you can rent one. Serviced offices can be found in the heart of the city and allow you to work in prime locations. When you work from a prime location, the benefits include proximity to high-profile businesses, access to transportation hubs, and more.


New start-ups, new entrepreneurial ventures, use serviced office spaces. When working in a serviced office space, they can enjoy the benefits of meeting space and private office without any costs. Start-up companies are not willing to invest in their own office space soon after they commence their business, instead, they opt for serviced office spaces for a certain period.

Novel Office is one of the largest serviced office providers in Bangalore. We have flexible office spaces which are suited for small businesses as well as large organisations.

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