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    A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Coworking Space for Your Startup

    A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Coworking Space for Your Startup

    It’s almost a couple of months that you are working on your own startup. Working from home is not an easy task. Your mind gets distracted often due to the various other commitments at home. You must be missing the everyday work routine you used to follow. Getting dressed in the morning and going to an office for the sole purpose of working. Office at home is not as much fun as you thought it would be. Sipping coffee and trying hard to work at midnight when the rest of the family members are asleep is not working anymore!

    Don’t worry, working in your own startup doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stick to working from home or from a garage because of your financial constraints to maintain a proper office. Coworking workspaces are here to save you from your concern.

    Coworking office spaces are the perfect choice for startup founders and freelancers. These spaces offer a variety of options at affordable prices to choose from. You can select from the range of seating options that most of the coworking spaces offer – Hot seat, dedicated seat, plug and play etc. Coworking spaces also offer well equipped meeting and training rooms to their occupants, which are of great help when you are at the initial stages of your business and need regular client meetings for your startup.

    We have selected few points to keep in mind when, you are trying to choose a coworking space for your business.

    1) Keep in mind the financial affordability

    At the commencement stage of your business, financial planning should be done in a proper manner. You must be in a tight budget and whether you are self-financing or working to establish your company after getting investment from another entity, optimum use of funds is necessary. So spending huge amount of funding in office space simply makes no sense. If you want to work from a coworking space, then do a proper research before opting for one. Facilities offered by coworking spaces vary as per the pricing and location. So, stick to your budget and never over spent on shared workspace.

    2) Location of the coworking space

    When looking for coworking spaces locational advantages should be kept in mind. You should avoid having your workplace at an inconvenient location. Facilities like access to transportation, places to eat and parking are essential elements that you should always consider when choosing a workspace for your startup. Especially in big cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, convenient location of an office space is of immense importance. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic and waste time and energy every day, we believe. Your clients also won’t prefer to visit your office if the location is too extreme and proper transportation facilities nearby is absent.

    3) Space you may need

    Evaluate the number of seats you want in a coworking space for your startup. If you have a small team then your worries are less. However, always check with the coworking spaces if they can provide for extra seating arrangements that you may need in future. Many shared workspaces have more than one center in cities like Bangalore. So communicate with them about your future planning and ensure that you will be provided extra seating if needed, in the same center only.

    4) Evaluate the amenities

    Various coworking spaces offer many facilities to its members. High speed internet, games room, meeting rooms, seating options, conference rooms are some the common facilities of coworking office spaces. Most of the coworking space interiors are done in a very attractive manner and provides an exciting working environment. Plug and play offices provides all the required amenities and you just have to plug in with your system and start working. Do check all the facilities properly before zeroing in on one coworking space.

    5) See/ Check the ambience of the coworking space

    There is a relation between office space ambience and the productivity of the employees. As per a report, workers who have a bright and airy workspace, they tend to be more productive during their working hours. Dingy workspaces make the workers feel bored and less motivated. Ambience plays an important role in motivating the workers. When you go for site visit, notice the ambience properly, the workers already working there and decide whether you will be comfortable working from there every day.

    6) Learning and networking opportunities

    Coworking spaces are very popular for the networking opportunities that they provide to the occupants. When you visit the coworking spaces, try to check the name of the companies that are already working from there. There is a possibility that you may get your potential clients from there only. There is also an immense scope of networking with like-minded individuals who are startup founders like you.

    7) Consider the physical environment

    In a coworking space, the layout is mostly an open space set up. Visit and decide whether you would be comfortable working in such an environment. There are hardly cubicles and separate seating setups in shared office spaces. If your work mostly involves speaking with clients over the phone, then the open space set up might cause problem for you and your surrounding working members. Then people involved in the creative field, like writers also find it difficult to concentrate in the coworking open space set up. Do think about your line of work and decide whether the physical environment goes well with your work.

    8) Consider whether you will be psychologically comfortable working in a coworking space

    Coworking spaces do not have the traditional quiet work ambiance. They are known for their vibrant office ambiance where work and fun goes hand in hand. Many people come from different backgrounds and they all have varied work priorities. So you need to be patient to deal with the bustling activity going around you and still focus on your individual work.

    So these are our tips which we believe will help you when go out to look for a coworking office space for your startup. Bangalore being the startup capital of India, witnesses a high demand for office space within the city. So choose wisely and all the best for your office space hunting.

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