10 Cost-Free Facilities in Coworking Spaces for Rent in Bangalore

Coworking spaces in Bangalore can be affordable yet luxurious. When you look for an office space to share, you would also want to invest in a place that comes with a lot of facilities. However, make sure your goals are realistic from the business perspective.

Some office spaces available for rent in Bangalore also offer cost-free facilities. If you are looking for cost-free facilities in coworking space, you would find plenty of options in Bangalore. As the city is the IT hub of the country and one of the most developed workspaces, such facilities can be a welcome change.

Here’s a list of 10 must-know cost-free facilities available in coworking spaces for rent in Bangalore:

#1: Security & CCTV Surveillance

Unlike traditional buildings and office premises spending fortunes to fix CCTV surveillance cameras and hire security personnel, coworking spaces provide a wide range of options to secure the workspace. Most importantly, these security facilities are included in the transparent bills. There are no hidden charges or costs involved.

#2: Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are extremely important to maintain the hygiene of your office space. People who choose to rent coworking office space often consider the fact that it would be easy to manage janitors. Forget additional expenses as cleaning services come as a package in the rental agreement, all-inclusive.

#3: Air Conditioning/Cooling

No office space is complete without a sound air conditioning system. You do not want to tire the team and make them feel sluggish during their work hours! So, book a place having proper air conditioning as well as ventilation. It should beat the heat while preventing any additional expenses. This is a cost-free service included in the rental expense bundle for shared offices.

#4: Personal Lockers & Storage Space

Your coworking space should be safe enough to store your deposits. The best office spaces offering storage is a grab-worthy deal. These days, most office space rentals also provide large and small storage, besides lockers. So, look up more efficient and cost-effective office space for rent.

#5: Coffee/Tea/Beverages – The Cafeteria

If you are looking for a fully furnished coworking office space for rent in Bangalore that meets the best set of standards, it should have a small cafeteria. If the space available for rent does not have a microwave, fridge, or hot and cold drinking water facilities, it is not worth it. In Bangalore, many such office spaces are having all these as basic features. Moreover, if the office space is in the heart of the city with some multi-cuisine eateries, or the cafeteria serves good food, nothing like it.

#6: IT Facilities

IT facilities are quintessential to keep the office connected. Whether it’s the usual internet connectivity or LAN, you must choose an office space that offers excellent IT facilities catering to all the activities and office work.

#7: Recreational Space/Games Room

Recreation can make work more productive. Allow your staff to relax a bit, from time to time. Having a recreation room with some interesting indoor games can be mood-changer. Although it is not a must-have, it helps coworkers mingle and be more active at work.

#8: A Business Address

Most coworking spaces include mail handling. It is an additional service that benefits in the long run. They even undertake necessary postal requirements you may have in your offices without extra charges.

#9: Parking Space

As a resident of Bangalore, you probably know the importance of a parking space. So, choose a coworking office space in Bangalore with adequate parking space. Most offices on rent in Bangalore offer a free parking facility. Check your options.

#10: Office Resources

There may be dozens of office resources you need regularly. Having them handy can be a great deal. Coworking office spaces with adequate office resources at your disposal are all you want. Look around for more options and you should certainly find one.


Office spaces in Bangalore, especially coworking office spaces, come with a lot of advantages. Look for cost-free facilities in coworking space to ensure you don’t go over budget but at the same time, you have everything it takes to run your office.

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